"Seven Ways Today's DCS Systems Can Save You 20% or More"
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Many forward thinking engineers using PLC's and HMI in process or batch applications have learned there are ways to significantly reduce costs, speed implementation and improve operations. By reading this whitepaper you will learn how.

Imagine if you had a control system with one configuration tool, one easy to use operating environment, and one database which automatically (and seamlessly) integrated control, historian, HMI, alarming, batch management.

Just think about the time saved if:

  • Operator faceplates were generated as control was developed
  • All applications automatically shared data - without configuration
  • You did not have to manually connect each software database, or PLC, to the next
  • Alarm set point changes automatically reflected in the HMI
  • Development, troubleshooting, enhancements and updates of control systems were 20-40% faster

Traditionally PLCs have been used in process and batch applications to save on the initial costs compared to DCS systems. By doing so, engineers have lived with the difficult programming and maintenance of control logic, HMI, alarm management, and communications tools.

As the cost of DCS systems have dropped, and the ease of programming has improved, many engineers are looking into this viable alternative to significantly reduce the costs of new and upgraded process and batch automation.

Download this paper today to learn what many others already know.

As a bonus, you will also receive a Custom Process Evaluation Worksheet. This powerful tool helps you calculate the savings you can achieve in your specific application.

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